10 of the Best Halloween Makeup Ideas

If you have some form of social media, you have most likely run across some detailed pictures of the ultimate Halloween makeup ideas. In the past, you hid your face behind a mask, but today makeup ideas are so real looking, and the best part is, you can do most of them yourself. You can create a terrifying-looking character or a sweet innocent one, it’s all up to you.

If you don’t feel like you can create these makeup ideas by yourself, have someone help you. It does take practice but most of these Halloween makeup ideas come with a step-by-step tutorial, so you know how to do it even if you are inexperienced.

Another benefit of creating a look with Halloween makeup is that most of the items you will need can be found at your home already.

Here are the top 10 best Halloween makeup ideas to choose from.

1: The Butterfly Winged Eyeliner

To create this look, you will want to work in the outside corner of your eye. Simply apply gold and yellow eyeshadow shades using a fine-tipped applicator. Once the eyeshadow is balanced, add a liquid eyeliner to the outline of the eye shadow to shape as the wings over the yellow and gold eye shadow.

2: Make your Eye look Upside Down

The first thing you will want to do is put your eye makeup on one eye as you normally would. On the other eye, you will want to put the makeup on upside down so, under the bottom lashes, you will add your eye shadow and eyebrow pencil so your eyebrow outline is actually on the upper part of your cheek. You can do this by using some glue to lay the eyebrow hair flat to the skin and then sprinkle some setting powder on it and then using foundation. This will hide your real brown. You will want to use fake eyelashes for this trick.

3: The Halloween Heart

To create a heart in the center of the eye, you will need a marker eyeliner but in the same colors as your eye. Carefully place dots that are small on the upper eyelid. This will mark where the arches of the heart go. Add one small dot on the bottom lash line and this is where the heart point will go. Now you can carefully fill in the shape of the heart. Aligning the iris up so that the black part of the eye is lined up in the heart design and becomes the body of the heart is the trick.

4: The Spiderweb

What would be more Halloween than displaying a spiderweb in the corner of your eye? For this creation, you will need white eyeliner so you will want to order it early before Halloween in order to find it. The first step is to add smoky gray eye shadow. Use our white liner and create about twelve lines that extend from the corner of your eye out. Then you will want to draw two perpendicular lines to the first set that you drew. You should have created a grid shape. Use black eyeliner to draw your spiders inside their web.

5: Be a Flower Girl!

For this look, you will need to purchase some very small fabric or special made small flower blooms or blossoms. Using eyelash glue, carefully glue each flower onto the eyebrow bone. You will look like your groovy with this look.

6: Sally Stitch

You have heard the story of Sally Stitch who had her eyes stitched shut. Now you can have that look too but no needles are required. This will be a very scary costume. Purchase some adhesive that will connect small red threads that string from the upper eyelid to the lower lid. Cover the glue spots with fake blook so it looks real.

7: Glitter Tears

Using silver liquid eye shadow, coat the upper eyelid. Next, use pearls in order to define the main crease and then glue the teardrop rhinestones underneath the eyes. You will look like you are crying.

8: The Masquerade Mask

This is going to take a while to do but you will love the ending. You will need to use an extra fine-tipped liquid eye liner to create the outline of your mask. Next, you will want to draw lines going diagonally and make them spaced out equally. Finally, draw lines going in the opposite direction in order to create a grid. When you get to each line end, you can add a small rhinestone.

9: Alien Looking Mask

You want to fool everyone with your alien look. Choose the color you want your mask, green, purple, pink; it doesn’t matter. Start with an outline of the shape of your eye with a black eye liner pencil. Fill it in with the cream color eye shadow in the color you choose. Finally, you will want to blend the thin black line just a little in order to use s different shade of cream eyeshadow. This will give your alien eye look more depth.

10: Modern Scarecrow

You can create this look by drawing a sunflower over your one eye. The center of your eye is the center of the flower. You can use Halloween costume makeup to finish the flower petals around the socket of the eye. Place some black liner stitches over your lip to create a stitched lip look.

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