20 Makeup Secrets All Women Can Use To Have Younger-Looking Skin

Age is just a number, but for women over a certain age, it’s far more than that! For most women 50 and older, healthy skin is a necessity. It should be no surprise then that U.S consumers spend nearly $8.5 billion annually on cosmetic products. If you’re a woman older than 50 who wants to have good-looking skin, several tips will help you to achieve it. What are the more popular makeup tips that you can use?

Use A Lip Balm

As you get older, your skin dries out, including your lips. To lock moisture in, use a lip balm. While you may equate lip balm with school, don’t overlook this critical makeup tool. Lip balm can create fuller, younger lips.

Eyeline The Waterline

If you’re trying to get brighter, larger eyes, you need to line the waterline, which is the visible part of the lower lid before the lashes. A nude liner or shadow can be used for the waterline. A matte nude color can also be applied to the inner corners to brighten the eyes. Make sure you stand away from the mirror when doing this so you can see what effect the makeup has on your face.

Cream Blush

Use a brush to apply the cream blush. To find the best place to start, you need to smile. The application of the cream blush will be lower than you’d think. By using a brush to apply the cream blush, you bring attention to the eyes and less to your wrinkles.


If you use foundation, be sure to add concealer after you applied it. Many women tend to use a concealer before the foundation, which keeps you from putting the concealer on the places you really need it. You also don’t use as much concealer if you apply it after the foundation. Be sure the concealer is applied at the cheekbone, not the eye, so the light hides dark circles.

If you want to combat age spots, you need to use a concealer that’s a little darker than what you think you should use. A light concealer will cause an ashy appearance and bring the dark spot even more.

Once you’ve applied the foundation, you can mix concealer shades that match your skin tone. Add it to areas that need additional coverage.

Test Your Makeup

Before you use any kind of makeup, you need to apply it in a concealed spot to identify potential issues. For instance, place the lipstick on your thumb and rub shadow, concealer, and foundation between your forefinger and thumb. There’s no need to clean the store tester and put it on you’re the back of your hand and on your face.

The key is to test an area of skin that’s similar to where the product will be applied. Your thumb is similar to lip skin, so you can get a better idea of what the lipstick texture and shade will be like. Since the thumb skin is looser and thinner, you can see how eye shadow and other face makeup will look when it’s applied and worn.

Use Brow Makeup Before The Eye Makeup

Most women do not tattoo or microblade their brows, which means as a person ages, their eyebrows change size and shape. You can fill in and extend the brow shape, but make sure it’s done before you use eyeliner and mascara. This will affect the amount of makeup that will be needed. You may find that you don’t need as much as you think.

If you have dark hair, go with lighter brow makeup. If you have light hair, go with a dark color for the filler.

Use A Makeup Sponge For The Moisture, Not The Makeup

If you use a makeup sponge, you’ll use more makeup and run out faster. Instead, use the makeup sponge to freshen or touch up the makeup during your day. To use it correctly, run the sponge through warm water, squeezing out the excess. Dab (not wipe) the sponge on your space. This will eliminate the excess makeup (blush, bronzer, foundation, etc.) It also helps to even out the makeup, getting rid of makeup that got into wrinkle lines.

Brow Shaping

You want your brows to look natural, which means shaping them so they will look that way.
Begin by brushing the eyebrows down, drawing a line at the top of the brow, and then brushing them up again.

Of course, too often, women will focus on the shape and fullness, not on its length. You may have corrected brows, but they won’t look as good as you want them to be. Use a brow pencil, lining it up vertically from the outside corner of your nose, so it’s aligned with your inner eye corner. Fill the brow in with tiny, hair-like pencil strokes that go upward. From there, angle the pencil up from the nose to the eye’s outer corner. This is where the brow needs to end.

Never do a downward curve, as this causes the hairs to sag. You also want to comb the hairs up and fill the bottom using a powder or pencil.


Primer will even the skin tone and keep lightweight foundations in place. Use a tinted primer, which is an all-in-one primer, foundation, and moisturizer.

How To Successfully Apply Your Makeup To Ensure Healthier Skin

Cream To Powder Eye Shadow

Use an extended “cream to powder” eye shadow on your eyelids. Never go beyond the end of your eyes, as this creates a tired look and places attention on the jowls.


Women are all about their lashes, looking to give them a lush, full look. Do not use mascara that will lengthen or curl your lashes but does offer a thickening formula.

Navy Blue Mascara and Eyeliner

Black is the most popular mascara color, but if you want to bring out the whites of your eye, you should consider using navy blue mascara or eyeliner.

Foundation Brush

Do not use a sponge to apply the foundation. A brush provides better coverage and will last longer.

Highlighter and Illuminators

Never use a highlighter pen for a concealer. The highlighter needs to be applied to the inner and outer corners of your eyes to bring out the face and eyes.

Lightweight Foundation

Avoid using anything heavy on your skin. A lightweight foundation will ensure you get a natural look.

Lip Highlighter

Bring out the lips with a natural color highlighter. Begin with the outer edge of your lips instead of the inside. This gives the lips a fuller, natural look and ensures your lipsticks will remain on your lips for longer.

Other Quick Makeup Tips

  • Forgo The Matte Look – If you put too much shine on, it highlights the parts of the face that are wrought with wrinkles and fine lines. Still, you don’t want a matte look either. The key here is to get a sheen look, going for a natural glow instead of using a light-reflective product.
  • Go For Natural Shades – When you’re younger, you may opt for more colorful makeup. However, as a woman 50 and older, you want to stick with more natural tone makeup to accentuate your face, whether it’s your eyes, lips, or cheeks.
  • Avoid Face Powder – Women over 50 do not need face powder to bring out the makeup they applied. In fact, face powders can cause the skin to look dry and bring out facial hair that women tend to experience as they get older.
  • Use A Setting Spray – The skin changes as you get older, which means your makeup will fade quicker than in previous times. You’ll need to find a setting spray that will stay on your face and keep it looking its best and moisturized.
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