20 Skin care mistakes that are damaging your face

Of course, we all want to have the best face; all smooth and perfect… but many times, as a result of our eagerness to achieve this, we resort to certain facial treatments that can harm our skin instead of helping it.

Don’t you worry! If you don’t know what you may be doing wrong in your beauty routines, we will show you 20 skincare mistakes that may be damaging your face.

20 skincare mistakes that can be damaging your face and you didn’t know about

Exfoliate your face constantly

Our skin is able to regenerate itself without any help. However, when an infinite number of products are used to accelerate this process, it can be counterproductive. Facial cleansing offers great results, but when it is done daily, there is a risk you remove the protective layer of your skin. This results in your face being exposed to environmental toxins and ultraviolet rays.

Going to bed without removing your makeup

Leaving your makeup on at bedtime is a serious mistake. Doing so can lead to everything from infections to allergic reactions on your face. During the night, our skin regenerates by releasing impurities; when you do not remove your makeup, all the dead cells and toxins, get trapped in your pores causing several problems, such as acne or blackheads.

Not cleaning your face properly

Even if you remove your makeup completely before going to sleep, this does not guarantee a complete cleanup. To achieve this, use a cleanser that contains the right ingredients, such as antioxidants or salicylic acid to cleanse the pores.

Not using use sunscreen

The sun can cause great damage to our skin; it is the main cause of facial deterioration. UV rays can make spots and wrinkles, as well as skin cancer. It is of vital importance to use sunscreen in any season of the year.

Using dirty Makeup Brushes

A makeup brush can cause a lot of damage to your face. Every time you use makeup, the brushes you use to accumulate a large amount of residue from oil to dead skin. The longer these residues stay on, the more bacteria your brush will have.

Not applying products in the right order

One way to ensure the success of our facial treatment is to apply the products you use in the correct order. Starting with the thinnest products and ending with the thickest and creamiest. This will help your skin to absorb them correctly.

Busting your pimples

When those dreaded blackheads or pimples appear, the uncontrollable urge to blow them up will always appear. But you must know that if we do, it can bring irreparable damage to our face, causing several problems, such as severe infections.

Overusing all your products

Believe it or not, the excessive use of facial products can generate a lot of problems in our skin. The excessive use of these products compromises the skin’s natural oil.

Sleeping in a cotton pillowcase

When we sleep in a cover made of cotton, it generates friction to our face; this causes damage over time. Satin or silk material is undoubtedly a highly recommended option; its softness provides great benefits to your face.

Having dirty sheets and pillowcases

Pillowcases are often great storage for skin and hair waste: hair product residues or scalp oil, for example. For this reason, it is important to keep your covers completely clean. Not doing so, can cause great damage to your face. We recommend you change them at least once a week.

Not sleeping a regular amount of hours

Sleeping well helps to have a better face. When we don’t rest enough, our skin becomes completely pale and dull with big circles under our eyes.

Not eating healthily.

A correct diet is fundamental to having a healthy life. Eating the wrong foods can have negative effects on our hair, nails, and skin. The ideal would be to consume foods that are rich in nutrients. This will help your skin to regenerate and grow healthily.

Not moisturizing healthy skin

No matter what type of skin you have. It is vitally important to moisturize it at all times. There is a rumor that people with oily skin should not moisturize their skin, but this is totally false. Our skin should always be fully moisturized. Otherwise, it will generate more oil to replace the hydration it needs.

Overexposing your skin to too many products at night

After a facial cleansing routine, applying more than three skin products would not be effective at all. All products have an absorption capacity in the skin, so the more products you add, the less likely they are to work.

Taking showers with very hot water

Hot showers are harmful to the skin, and especially to your face. Hot water can remove moisture and essential oils from the skin, so it is advisable to take showers with warm water.

Not knowing what you are applying to your skin

Applying an infinite number of products during our facial treatment, and not really knowing what we are putting on is a common mistake we make. That is why it is important to always be aware of the ingredients and functions of the products we are applying.

Constantly changing your skincare products.

It is difficult to resist changing our facial treatment products. Your facial skin may not be adapting to your products and you may want to get one that has a greater effect, but changing it so often can cause allergic reactions.

Applying the powder to remove the shine from oily skin.

To remove the oily glow from their faces, many people use facial powder. This is a mistake since it will not be able to keep the skin matte for long, especially in hit weathers, but the only thing that this powder will cause is your pores will be severely affected.

Correcting your eyebrows before applying makeup.

If you are about to start your makeup routine and you find a little something, like a hair on your eyebrows or lips, you can correct it at night. If you take out that hair before doing your makeup, the swelling will be noticeable, no matter what products you apply.

Washing your face before showering.

When you shower, you should clean your face after and only after; hair products can contain harmful chemicals which can damage your skin. Applying a moisturizing product after your bath is a very good option.

Now you do know! These are just some of the mistakes we make in our daily routines that might be damaging to our skin. Avoid them at all costs and you will have the most beautiful and healthy face.

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