The Top 12 Natural Ways to Eliminate Acne Scars on Your Face

Everyone gets acne on their face at some point in their life. Some people get acne more than others, especially during their teenage years. These are the years when the human body goes through the most hormonal changes. These changes may cause the face to experience pimples, red blemishes, and other unsightly flaws.

Unfortunately, acne can leave scars on your face that never go away completely. The scars are even worse if you tried to pop pimples or apply too much skin cleanser to your face. It is amazing how people do more harm to their skin than good. They don’t realize it at the time because all they’re concerned about is getting rid of their acne.

Acne can cause one of two types of scars to be left on your face. The first type is the atrophic scar, which happens when the underlying facial skin tissue can no longer regenerate and heal itself. People who’ve had severe acne in their life usually experience this.

The second type of acne scar is rolling scars. People who have long-term acne will be left with rolling scars on their faces. They look like a series of indents in the skin that never go away.

The good news is that acne scar removal is possible. The earlier you apply acne scar treatment, the better chance you’ll have of reducing the severity of these types of scars. You just need to choose the right treatments that won’t make your scarring worse.

Below are the top 12 natural ways to eliminate acne scars on your face.

1) Honey

Raw honey is loaded with skin healing properties. If you visit your local farmer’s market, you can find plenty of raw honey. Put just a little bit of it on your acne scars each day and you should start seeing results over the next few weeks. Be sure to choose raw honey and not processed honey with several different ingredients.

2) Coconut Oil

Coconut oil can be used for a lot of different things. Did you know that it is a natural moisturizer too? It contains natural healing compounds that can reduce scars and blemishes greatly. Make sure you choose 100% raw virgin cold-pressed coconut oil. It is the most natural and nutrient-dense coconut oil product on the market.

3) Warm Showers

It is important that you don’t irritate your existing acne scars any further. If you were to take hot showers, for example, then it might cause the redness of the scars to intensify again. That is why you must take warmer showers from now on and avoid any hot water exposure to your skin.

4) Tea Tree Oil

Tee tree oil contains anti-fungal, antibacterial, and antiseptic properties. When these three properties are combined together, the mixture becomes the ultimate acne scar treatment. Just make sure you dilute the tea tree oil in warm water before you apply it to your scarred skin.

5) Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a popular scar treatment for the skin. It is one of the best-known remedies for acne scars. In fact, a lot of over-the-counter acne care products contain aloe vera in them. But all you need is the aloe vera and not the other filler ingredients found in those products. Find 100% aloe vera gel and apply it to your skin and leave it there for 30 minutes per day.

6) Olive Oil

Olive oil comes loaded with vitamins, such as Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin D, and Vitamin A. If you have all of these vitamins soaked into your acne-scarred skin, you can expect some very good results to come from it. You can apply the olive oil directly to your acne-scarred skin to achieve these results. Leave it on there for 60 minutes and then wash it away with cold water.

7) Potato Juice

Potatoes are naturally abundant in vitamins and minerals that have skin healing properties. There are two ways you can apply potatoes to your acne scars. You can either use potato slices or potato juice. If you choose the juice, then you should mash up the potato and dilute it in warm water. Then apply the juice to your acne scars as needed. Leave it on there for 15 minutes and rinse.

8) Ice Cubes

The simple act of taking an ice cube and rubbing it over your acne scars will do a lot to reduce the inflammation and redness. Sometimes the results come sooner than you might expect. Don’t leave the ice cubes on your skin because then you might get a cold burn or increased irritation. The idea is to lightly stroke your skin with the ice cube to add more coolness to those scarred areas.

9) Sugar

Sugar is a rather unusual way to reduce acne scars. You are basically exfoliating your acne-scarred skin by using a sugar scrub technique. If you were to mix sugar and olive oil together and place the mixture on your scars for 30 minutes, it will shed away the skin when you go to wash it off with cold water.

10) Lemon Juice

Lemon juice is known for reducing skin scars, especially acne scars. The acidic content in lemon juice will break down the pigmentation and make it lighter again. Mix some lemon juice with water and apply the mixture to the scars for 20 minutes. Wash the skin after that. Do this every day for a few weeks.

11) Baking Soda

Baking soda and water mixed together to form a paste solution. Apply the paste solution to your scarred skin and leave it there for 3 minutes. After that time has expired, wash the skin with cool water. Over a few weeks, you should notice some improvement in the color of the scars.

12) Cucumbers

Cucumber offers vitamins and hydration to the skin. These are the two elements needed to reduce acne scars in the skin. If you place cucumber slices over the scarred skin and leave them alone for 30 minutes per day, it will do a lot to heal the scars.

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